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Krishma Singal*, Michael S. Dimitriyev*, Sarah E. Gonzalez, Sam Quinn, Elisabetta Matsumoto

(*these two authors contributed equally)

Programming Mechanics in Knitted Materials, Stitch by Stitch

(in preparation)


Xueyan Feng, Michael S. Dimitriyev, Edwin L. Thomas

Soft, malleable double diamond twin

PNAS. 120 (4), e2213441120 - Published 17 January, 2023

[journal] [arXiv]


Abhiram Reddy, Michael S. Dimitriyev, Gregory M. Grason

Medial packing and elastic asymmetry stabilize the double-gyroid in block copolymers

Nature Communications. 13, 2629 - Published 12 May, 2022

[journal] [arXiv] [supplementary code]


Michael S. Dimitriyev, Gregory M. Grason
End-exclusion zones in strongly stretched, molten polymer brushes of arbitrary shape
J. Chem. Phys. 155, 224901 - Published 9 December, 2021

[journal] [arXiv] [supplementary code]


Michael S. Dimitriyev, Ya-Wen Chang, Paul M. Goldbart, Alberto Fernández-Nieves
Topical Review: Swelling thermodynamics and phase transitions of polymer gels
Nano Futures 3, 042001 - Published 23 October, 2019

[journal] [arXiv]


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